Upholstery Fabric

Requiring greater durability than other fabrics, upholstery fabric should be capable of effortlessly meeting the challenges and wear and tear of a beloved armchair or sofa. Our own selection of upholstery fabric has been carefully selected for this exact purpose, each with a minimum Martindale score of 15,000 rubs (for general domestic upholstery), and most scoring higher still.

Though most fabrics are not inherently flame retardant, a small selection have been pre-treated to UK domestic upholstery standards (BS5852 Source 0 + 1, Cigarette and Match). All of our upholstery fabrics, however, can be FR treated upon request, and delivered straight to your door or direct to your upholsterer.

Milan Chenille Fabric, DenimClearance!

Milan Chenille

From £6.00/metre £3.06/metre
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Faux Suede Fabric, Spicy Orange

Standard Faux Suede

From £7.65/metre
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Boutique Velvet Fabric, Aqua

Boutique Velvet

From £8.50/metre
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Lustre Velvet Fabric, Sage

Lustre Velvet

From £6.80/metre
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Sydney Chenille Fabric, Forest

Sydney Chenille

From £5.10/metre
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Faux Suede Fabric, Denim

Lightweight Faux Suede

From £6.38/metre
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Avalon Embossed Velvet Fabric, MidnightOn Sale!

Avalon Embossed Velvet

From £8.50/metre £2.56/metre
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Nevada Faux Leather, Chestnut

Nevada Faux Leather

From £12.75/metre
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Boutique Velvet Fabric, Mustard

Boutique Velvet FR

From £11.05/metre
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Ponkyskin Velboa Fabric, Tiger

Ponyskin Velboa

From £6.80/metre
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Vintage Faux Leather Fabric, Tan

Vintage Faux Leather

From £8.50/metre
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Basketweave Chenille Fabric, BeigeClearance!

Basketweave Chenille

From £12.00/metre £3.60/metre
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Brushed Aire Clearance Fabric MintClearance!

Brushed Aire Clearance

From £9.00/metre £3.00/metre
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Arran Wool-Look Fabric, Oyster

Arran Wool-Look

From £11.00/metre
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Classic Check Fabric, Navy

Classic Check

From £4.68/metre
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Glen Eagles Fabric, Charcoal Check Flat

Glen Eagles

From £5.95/metre
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Upholstery Fabric

Traditional and Modern Upholstery Fabrics For You

Here at Fabric Online, we offer a wide selection of high-performance upholstery fabrics for interiors. We blend premium fabrics such as velvet, faux leather and faux suede with a range of styles and designs that can be custom-made to meet your furniture’s requirements. Reupholster an old but treasured piece of furniture to grant it a new lease of life while instantly revitalising your space.

If you are passionate about sustainable interior design, then finding natural upholstery materials should be your top priority. Linen, cotton and wool provide a natural charm to upholstered furniture while also remaining durable and stylish. Reflect your commitment to protecting the environment with our eco-friendly range of upholstery materials. Invest in environmentally friendly furniture today.

Whether you’re are a DIY enthusiast who wants to cover furniture for the first time or a skilled upholsterer looking to breathe life into old furniture, we’re here to provide the fabric that will help you create bespoke designs that are both beautiful and long-lasting. Our extensive fabric collection is suitable for a variety of applications. From high-quality, soft-to-the-touch faux leather to warm, welcoming wool and luxurious plush velvet, we have something for everyone. Bring your furniture to life with Fabric Online.

If you have any questions or need assistance regarding any of our products, please don’t not hesitate to contact our friendly and professional team. Our team will be happy to discuss current trends and assist you in finding the perfect fabric to complement your style. Contact us today to see your upholstery vision through.


Upholstery is a specialised, skilled trade that entails the art of crafting and restoring furniture frames with padding, cushioning and fabric using upholstery materials. It dates back to the Middle Ages and has gained soaring popularity over the last few centuries. Upholstery can also be performed on both new and used furniture. The process of restoring old furniture is known as reupholstery and is often carried out to repair damage, enhance comfort and update style.

There are two types of upholstery fabric – natural and synthetic. Natural fabrics refer to those woven from materials found in nature including leather, cotton, wool, silk and velvet. Synthetic materials, on the other hand, are man-made materials designed using chemical processes. They include polyester, nylon and acrylic. Synthetic upholstery fabrics are more durable and less expensive than natural upholstery fabrics and are perfect for those searching for high-performance materials.

Yes. Natural upholstery fabrics are renewable and sustainable since they are manufactured from natural animal and plant fibres. The process of reupholstering also hosts a range of environmental benefits. It requires very little energy, can be applied to the same frame multiple times and eliminates the need to dispose of old furniture in a landfill. It is also significantly less harmful to the environment than purchasing mass-produced furniture. This makes reupholstering a fantastic sustainable choice for the eco-conscious homeowner.

Many things will factor into choosing the perfect upholstery fabric. The situation of the sofa – is it in a room with lots of traffic? Checking the Martindale score of the fabric is a good indication of how it will wear. The higher the score on a fabric the more rub resistance it can take. Synthetic fabrics such as polyester are both durable and washable, making them ideal for households with children and pets. Faux leather vinyl will offer water resistance along with durability and the simplicity of being able to wipe them clean. Wool fabrics, cottons and linens are more suitable as a fabric for covering sofas in areas will lower traffic. Take a look at our fabric collections across the board from premium quality wools to polyester woven fabrics, along with vinyl and velvet upholstery fabric.