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Trade Customers

Fabric Online, and our parent company, Ambassador Textiles, have supplied wholesale fabric to businesses and manufacturers, both large and small, for over 50 years. If you are looking to purchase our fabrics regularly and in large quantities, then we would suggest that you get in touch with Ambassador Textiles to discuss your requirements. We sell from the same stock and operate out of the same warehouses.

If, however, your needs are relatively small and/or infrequent, then a trade account here at Fabric Online might be the perfect fit for you. Unlike our parent company, we do not operate minimum order quantities, nor do we require you to order regularly or frequently.

Our trade pricing structure has recently changed significantly. If you have a trade account with us already, please read the following carefully.

Fabric Online uses tiered pricing depending on how much of any one fabric you add to your basket, with the best possible price in most cases obtainable at the 30 metre mark.

For trade customers this quantity restriction is removed, and you can benefit from the same price at 5 metres as you would at 30 metres.

If a fabric is normally £10.00/metre, for example, but is £8.50 for 30 metres or more, you as a trade customer will always receive the £2.50 discount regardless of how little you buy.

Additional discounts are still available for larger orders (typically 10 metres or more), but you will need to place your order through our Ambassador Textiles team to net those prices.

Before we can set you up with a trade account, there are a few bits of information that we need from you first, and a few things that we have to confirm on our end. The contact form on this page will provide everything that we will need to make a start, and is the only way to begin the process.

First of all, you will need to have already registered a standard account here on our website. This is because our system operates by assigning special privileges to certain accounts that allow users to view and benefit from our trade pricing structure.

Many of the details that you provide will also allow us to confirm that the material that you are looking to purchase from us is indeed being used at trade, though sometimes we may need to contact you for further information.

One you have completed and submitted the form on this page, it will be reviewed by our team who will run a few quick checks and look into what we can do for you. If we need further supporting information then we will be in touch.

You should expect to hear back from us within 5 working days.

If your application is approved, the user account that you have specified on the form will be upgraded to trade status, and you will be sent a small welcome pack. Whenever logged into this account the prices will adjust throughout the website to reflect your new discounts.

Alternatively, if we feel that you will benefit more from an account with our parent company then we will contact you to discuss. The decision will be entirely yours, however, and if you would prefer to place your orders online as and when you need to, then we can still move forward with Fabric Online regardless.

Trade Application Form